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Sustainability - An Obsession

Our Obsession with Sustainability 

The coffee industry is notorious for waste, and we feel that the industry needs to do a lot better if it wants to maintain its “Social Licence”.

Belo aspires to be more than just doing its bit, we want to be a known leader in this area, driving some key changes to the whole industry.

Right now, our packaging is Home-Compostable, as are our courier bags - meaning you can put it in your own home based system, and it will compost leaving no nasty toxins.

We have avoided Industrial or Commercially composted graded products at this stage as we do not have confidence that they will not end up in landfill.

We are also looking for cafe customers who will have their coffee beans delivered in reusable sealed tins, rather than single-use bags. We have a number of other initiatives that we want to start implementing in the next 12 months.