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Dark Roast - Single Origin Brazilian

Dark Roast - Single Origin Brazilian

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One for the Strong Coffee Lovers!

Introducing our Dark Single Origin Brazilian, for those that want a bit more bite! 

  • Specialty Grade
  • 100% Organic
  • 100% ethically and sustainably traded by expert NZ buyers

We roast our coffee weekly to ensure it's delivered fresh. 

Our Dark Single Origin is a stronger coffee for those that want a bit more punch, but still not drawing away from the finer flavours.

Your Belo Coffee starts with the Bean. The finest Specialty Quality Arabica green beans, imported by experienced buyers, and roasted by highly skilled roasters known for their care and consistency. 

Brewing Notes:

  • 18-22g of Coffee (target 19g)
  • 20-30s extraction (target for 28secs)
  • 30-50g espresso (target 43g)

 For Plunger, brew for at least 3 minutes and no more than 4.

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